FAQs & Fees

  • What do I have to pay for EMDR Therapy?
Please enquire regarding alternative fee arrangements if covered by Private Medical Insurance or by other providers
All fees are reviewed annually.
The Assessment session for an individual lasts for 1.5 hours and the fee is £100.

The ongoing fee for 1 hour is £75 ** 
The ongoing fee for 1.5 hours is £105 **

**For good progress to be made it's much better  to come weekly but fortnightly may be considered and discussed after a few sessions have been completed.

  • What sort of issues can EMDR help me with?

    Abuse - Physical, Emotional or Sexual
    Anger Management
    Assertiveness & communication issues
    Guilt and shame issues
    Relationship problems
    Self-Confidence Issues
    Serious Illness (Emotional Aspects)
This list is not exhaustive – please feel free to discuss your issue with me to see if I think I can help. 
  •  How long will I have to come for?

Each person is different so it may take a few sessions before it seems like any help has taken place. Sometimes further issues surface which also need exploring. At this point, for complex issues, and for change at deeper levels, people can mentally prepare themselves for longer therapy, over a period of several months or years. We will have regular reviews to check that help is still taking place.

  • What if I need to cancel?

I ask for one week's notice of cancellation, preferably at the previous session, so that I have a fair opportunity to fill your slot.
If I receive less than a full 2 day's notice the FULL fee will generally be charged.

All cancelled appointments with less than one week's notice, but more than 2 full days, are always charged for at HALF the fee.

However, if I can offer you an ALTERNATIVE face-to-face APPOINTMENT before and as well as your usual next appointment, I will do so without extra charge; sometimes though this is mutually hard to arrange, and so a fee will still be charged.